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Shatter A Myth 

J.P. Morgan Chase wanted to create a campaign that could show off the breadth of their investment products to a broad audience. As the lead copywriter on a team that created a campaign that would empower women everywhere to feel confident about themselves and their finances all while building a lasting relationship with Chase.



*Campaign was put on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Creative Director: Nicole Waxenblatt

Art Director: Beverly Brown

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Start Causing A Racquet

We'll create a buzzworthy, Instagrammable activation to launch at the
U.S. Open where we invite people to shatter perceived myths about women and investing. The event will be held on the day of the women’s finals. 

People will choose their smashing utensils, and be presented with a variety of  found objects painted in a unified color palette, which will include a financial myth. Then, they’ll get to smashing. 

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Serena Williams x Chase Partnership 

As a woman who has shattered countless myths and broken barriers both on the court and off, we’ll invite Serena Williams to be the first person to smash the myth of her choice. 

Pre-Event to Chase Customers

We’ll use existing ATM space inside Chase branches to help promote Shatter a Myth. We will also use the ATM receipts to surprise and delight existing Chase customers with tickets to the U.S. Open and the Chase Lounge.

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Partnership with Haley Sacks

Chase will sponsor a podcast where our host, Haley Sacks (@MrsDowJones), interviews women from different industries who shatter some of the myths about their particular fields and their own financial journey. The podcast will exclusively feature ads about Chase investment services.

Interactive OOH Installation


Shatter A Myth Landing Page

The landing page will be a home for all the ways the Shatter a Myth initiative is coming to life and a seamless way to hero the variety of Chase investment products that tie it all together.

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